We are pleased to present to you our newest sponsors. As we try to provide you with the best possible dog training in the Calgary area, we incur a lot of costs that we cannot pay for by ourselves with our start-up. This is why we are very happy with the companies that so generously volunteered to sponsor us. Most companies are specialized in gokken, or gambling online. Nowadays that’s what generates most money. Online businesses, and online casinos in particular, are real money makers. At least when it’s done right.

RedDog Casino

The founders of this online casino are crazy about dogs. So much so that dogs are the only security system that they have on their property, both for the casino offices as for their own homes. That’s why it’s imperative for them that their dogs get the right training. A good reason for the casino to sponsor us. In the future they will even get their own RedDog Casino program. This is a program that satisfies all casino needs. So any future casino looking to train their pets can come to us for help. We are more than willing to help.


ClubPoker is a regular nightclub that organizes poker nights every Friday night. You don’t have to be an experienced player to be able to play here, as the level of the poker game varies per week. There are pokerface nights, for the real poker professionals, ante up nights for the intermediate poker players and pre flop nights for the beginners in the poker field. Which means that you can start your poker career here. Or, if you prefer not to play yourself, you can watch while sipping on the best cocktails. This is bound to be interesting since the club also already created 4 professional players.

Walden Casino

This casino is named after the owners deceased per Waldo. They often trained together to make him the best guard dog in the world. After Waldo’s passing, the Walden Casino owner was a bit down. But he decided to do something for all of Waldo’s friends with the money he made from his online casino. His players like to gokken, gamble online and that enables him to help causes that he cares most about. We are happy about this and will definitely make Walden Casino a big part of our future endeavours.


SlotsGear is a company that sells all kinds of gear like t-shirts, hoodies, caps and more with our favourite slot machine logos. So if you cannot get enough of Starburst, or always wanted a Gonzo’s tee, this is the place to be. The company has ties with all the big slot machine providers, so if your favourite slot is not yet available, all you have to do is send an email to make it happen. SlotsGear receives all the official logos which makes it the official slot machine gear store. Of course, it’s online only, just to stay in the online casino spirit.


This is for everyone who loves gokken, or online gambling as much as we do. The tagline of the company is Juiste informatie over casinos, which means correct information on casinos. You probably already guessed that it’s a casino affiliate. But that’s not all. The company also creates great clips, or little videos about the latest slot machines, that you can share for free on your own website or online profile. They are doing this out of love for the (casino) game, so if your favourite slot machine is not on the list, just send them a mail and they’ll gladly create a clip for you. With their profits they want to give back, which is why they sponsor us.