This is a quick description of the courses we’re planning to offer and the benefits you can expect to see! Please get in contact via our contact page if you’re interested in enrolling yourself and your dog in any of them.

  • Obedience training. This is a basic training course designed to increase the trust between you and your dog, and convince them that it can be rewarding to listen to you! This includes commands like “come”, “sit”, “stay”, “no”, and “lie down”. We provide treats as an incentive, and your presence is absolutely necessary to help you form that rapport with your pet.


  • Clicker training. This course helps teach you and your dog the use of a clicker to train them. This can include simple commands like “come” and “sit”, or more complex tricks like “begging”, “handshake”, “high five”, etc. This depends on your dog’s level and should be discussed with us beforehand. If you don’t need training in how to use a clicker yourself, we can conduct the training without you being present, but we do recommend that you always attend training with your dog. He will be less distressed and more willing to learn with you present, and will associate his training with you more closely.
  • Agility training. This includes all kinds of dog agility like weaving between cones, jumping, running, and chasing. This can be good for the dog whether or not you intend them to compete, using up their energy and letting them use their natural instincts and talents. If you do intend your dog to compete, we can do several levels of agility training and advise you on how to practice with your dog.
  • Acting training. For dogs already used to the clicker method of training, we have a trainer who is willing to teach your dogs all kinds of tricks used by acting dogs! We do ask that your dog is already clicker trained, either by you or by us, and experienced with responding to a clicker. This can improve obedience in a dog and teach them very useful tricks.