Why you should spay/neuter your dog

People often state that you should spay or neuter your dog at a young age to avoid the risk that they will breed if they escape or some kind of accident brings them into contact with a dog of the opposite sex. If you’re not ready or equipped to deal with a dog’s pregnancy or […]

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Less stressful vet visits

This tip is actually useful for all kinds of situations that may be stressful for your dog: car rides, vet trips, grooming, administering medication, etc. The important thing in any situation which your dog may find stressful is to soothe them as much as possible and make them comfortable, without allowing them to just misbehave […]

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What is clicker training?

If you’re thinking of training your dog with a clicker, we do recommend that you come to a trainer like us for help. This makes sure that you know what you’re doing and teach your dog usefully and efficiently, and means that you won’t run the risk of teaching your dog any kind of bad […]

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